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About Anchor Light Therapy Collective

Anchor Light Therapy Collective - Seattle TherapyAnchor Light Therapy Collective is a multi-disciplinary mental health counseling clinic in the Queen Anne area of Seattle. We are passionate about improving lives and changing outlooks, helping our clients release negative patterns, and rediscover the joy that life has to offer.

Personalized Treatment Programs

Our individualized approach to mental health and wellness combines a range of modalities and techniques to ensure the most effective treatment for each case. We provide a supportive and compassionate environment, a place where you can feel safe in releasing difficult emotions and breaking down the barriers between the life you have and the life you want.

Ultimately, our goals are aligned with yours. We want nothing more than for you to be happy, productive, and able to cope with whatever life throws at you, no matter how difficult or stressful it may be.

Learn to Cope With Stress and Anxiety

High-performing individuals do not often seek help for themselves. However, when stress levels are consistently high, the status quo will not hold.

Unless you have a stress-management strategy, unless you know how to cope, pace, and take time for yourself, you may feel that you are losing yourself in a sea of anxiety. If this sounds like you, we are here to help.

Mental Health and Wellness for Individuals and Couples

Stress and anxiety will impact your life in many ways. You may feel overwhelmed and at a loss about how to move forward. Though you have a highly satisfying job that you love, it might seem like you have lost all the joy you once had for it.

This high-stress lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain satisfying personal relationships, and you may struggle with a lack of confidence or feelings of low self-worth.

In many cases, neither personal nor professional pursuits bring any sense of satisfaction. You may have come to a point where all of the comparing and striving that you do has you feeling burned out and unproductive.

Using approaches that include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, The Gottman Method of couples therapy, and more, we can help solve the following concerns:

Lack of work-life balance

Dysfunctional family and personal relationships

Low self-worth

Lack of confidence

Lack of productivity

Unresolved issues from the past

Body shame

Lack of self-acceptance

Work stress

Substance abuse


Self-sabotaging behavior

Divorce support



Coping with grief and loss

Change of career

One-on-One Therapy in Seattle and the State of Washington

At our clinic, we work with individuals and couples in the Seattle area, but we also offer secure, HIPAA-compliant online therapy throughout Washington state. Our specialized training includes individual therapy, hypnotherapy, and couples therapy using the Gottman Method.

Online therapy is available for individuals only. Since this area is highly regulated, there are very specific protocols we need to follow, but it can be a valuable option in many cases.

If you are interested in individual therapy, couples therapy, or online therapy, reach out today to book your initial consultation. Your happiest, best life is within reach, and we want nothing more than for you to have it.

Are You Ready to Get Started? Reach out today to set up your consultation.