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Laura Richer, MA, LMHC


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

WA License #LH61027651

Training & Certifications

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Masters Degree

Bastyr University Logo

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts logo

Life Coach Certification

Seattle Life Coach Training Logo

Master Life Coach Certification

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Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 Completed

National Board Certified Counselor

EMDR Trained

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Transgender & Gender Non-Binary

Clinical Issues and Treatment Strategies
Pesi, 10/21

Gottman Referral Network

Washington State Approved Clinical Supervisor

More About Laura

My number one core value is personal freedom—freedom to be who you are, to express who you are, and to be accepted for who you are. It’s so gratifying to work with clients who once felt restricted, closed-off, or just genuinely stuck in their lives. I love to help people find new perspectives so they can start living a life that’s aligned with their true goals and biggest visions.

At the heart of the matter, this is about helping people let go of the need for approval from others as they discover their authentic truth. I focus on helping my clients believe in their own agency—I help them become an active participant in their personal destiny. My approach is about building confidence; it’s about supporting people as they learn how to trust themselves, their own instincts and intuition. Perhaps most importantly, it’s about having the courage to act on those instincts. Though I facilitate these steps, it’s my clients who define what the actions look like and how far they want to take their goals.

Trusting yourself allows you to identify and adhere to the boundaries you have established for yourself. My goal is to help you release limiting beliefs and identify any maladaptive coping behaviors that might be rooted in past trauma. I’m here to tell you that I’ve seen many, many people learn to be very effective in creating the life that they dream of.

Officially speaking, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Washington State Approved Clinical Supervisor. Practically speaking, I am a couples therapist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and coach. I’ve been doing this work in the Queen Anne neighborhood and elsewhere in Seattle since 2011. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed giving back. Volunteer projects took me from North Seattle to Central and South America; from the public health sector to hospice. I knew that helping others was my calling, but I somehow ended up in the corporate world and struggled with feeling a lack of purpose, meaning, and direction. When I decided to take a risk and pursue my true passion, I was able to combine my love of entrepreneurship with my sincere desire to help people make positive changes. I launched a hypnotherapy and coaching business in 2011. In 2015, I followed up my initial training with an MA in clinical mental health counseling; this additional training and licensure allows me to work with an even more diverse population.