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Counseling for Parenting Issues in Seattle

Parenting is an extremely rewarding experience that can be compared to a rollercoaster ride filled with flips, twists, turns, uncertainties, and challenges. From navigating the intricacies of new parenthood to managing the complex dynamics of teenagers, every stage comes with new issues that must be handled with loving responsibility. At Anchor Light Therapy Collective, we provide personalized parent coaching tailored to each client’s unique issues. Contact Anchor Light today to speak with one of our parenting coaches if you’re looking for professional guidance and strategies to overcome parenting issues and create a harmonious family life.

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Parenting Issues We Can Help You With

Parenting is perhaps the most profound responsibility one can take on and must be treated as such. As your children grow and evolve, so do the issues you will face together. Here are some of the issues we can assist with

New Parenting Skills

Stepping into parenthood can feel overwhelming. New parents and parents-to-be often grapple with self-confidence, postpartum issues, sleepless nights, feeding routines, and understanding their newborn’s needs. Our sessions equip new parents with essential skills, ensuring a smoother transition as they begin this great adventure.


Sharing parental responsibilities can be complex, especially when parents have differing beliefs, views, and personalities. Our coaching, and perhaps couples counseling, can help you and your partner discover strategies to bridge gaps and ensure your children receive the consistent care and love they deserve.

Parenting with Divorced Partner

Parenting with your divorced partner presents significant challenges that profoundly impact your child. From managing visitations to maintaining open communication, therapy can guide parents in ensuring the child’s well-being remains central amidst separation.

Single Parenting

Single parents juggle multiple roles, facing emotional and logistical challenges as they do the work usually handled by two. Our parent coaching provides tools and strategies to manage these challenges to the best of your ability, ensuring your child has a supportive family experience.

Parenting Teenagers

The teenage years are marked by rapid changes and newfound independence, which often strains parent-child relationships. Together, we’ll explore insights into the teenage mindset, devising strategies for effective communication and understanding as your child moves toward adulthood.

Foster Parenting

Opening your home and heart to a foster child is a truly commendable act. Nonetheless, unique challenges must be navigated to ensure a nurturing environment for the new child. We’re here to offer guidance and navigate the fostering adventure by your side.

Parenting Special Needs Children

Children with special needs require a higher level of unique care and understanding. Our therapists are here to equip parents with strategies tailored to their child’s needs, promoting their growth and development.

Parenting After Trauma or Loss

Parenting after trauma or loss can be one of the most difficult and frightening experiences, especially if the experience has equally affected you. Our trauma-informed team offers support and tools for you and your child to grieve and heal in a way that supports healthy emotional well-being.

Parenting LGBTQ+ Youth

Understanding and supporting your child as they explore their LGBTQ+ identity is a delicate and challenging experience for some parents. Our team is here to provide insights and strategies to foster a loving, inclusive home environment.

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What to Expect from Personal Parent Coaching

At Anchor Light Therapy Collective, our parenting coaches offer personalized guidance to meet the individual needs of each family. Your parenting coach or therapist will offer unbiased, constructive insights to enhance family life while steering clear of potentially damaging parenting styles. By setting clear goals and engaging in hands-on activities, you and your coach will co-create practical, actionable, and effective strategies for at-home implementation. We focus on offering solutions through positive reinforcement and long-term behavior management. With the assistance of our licensed parent coaches, you will be given data-backed strategies to boost your parenting skills, ensuring a positive family dynamic and increased confidence in your parenting abilities.

How much does parent coaching cost?

Parent coaching is a commitment to profound growth, healing, and transformation that requires an investment of time, energy, and finances. For those ready to embark on this transformative journey, our rates are as follows:

Standard individual session:
(50 minutes) $190
(25 minutes) $95

Parenting is One of Life’s Greatest Opportunities

Parenting is an ever-evolving journey filled with countless joys and challenges. With the right tools and a little guidance, it can be a transformative and highly fulfilling experience. At Anchor Light Therapy Collective, we are committed to supporting you at every step of this incredible journey. If you’re ready to confidently navigate parenting, schedule your complimentary session today.


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