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Exposure Therapy in Seattle

The therapeutic interventions offered at Anchor Light Therapy Collective allow the client to experience their fears without physically exposing them to their triggers. Unlike other types of exposure therapy EMDR and Hypnotherapy allow the client to have brief and interrupted exposure to traumatic situations or memories and use free association to help the client resolve the experience. Clients who suffer from trauma related disorders may not be able to tolerate re-experiencing the traumatic memory or event. EMDR and Hypnotherapy offer an alternative when prolonged or habitual exposure is not appropriate.

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What are Exposure Therapies?

Exposure therapy was developed to help people confront fear responses that are irrational or are interfering with their quality of life. The term exposure is used to describe the limited experiencing of a trigger that causes a panic or phobic response. When people are fearful of something, they tend to avoid the feared objects, activities, and situations related to those fears. If a traumatic event is the root of your therapy needs, it may be worth looking into PTSD therapies.

How Does Exposure Therapy Work?

Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and EMDR therapy allow clients to focus on their distressing thoughts and memories with the support of a trained therapist, as a way of desensitizing them to the feared stimulus. This differs from other types of exposure therapy such Exposure Response Therapy because the client is only exposed to their trigger mentally. Clients can bring memories and mental images into their minds as a way of exposing themselves to their fears and begin to work through and reframe those experiences. This allows for a different response. We have also seen these benefits extending to EMDR therapy for children.

For example, a client who is afraid of flying or experienced a traumatic response to a turbulent flight may begin to imagine themselves on a turbulent plane ride. They can expose themselves to their fear through their imagination or memory.  Instead of avoiding the situation they can begin to work through it and imagine responding in a healthier way or reframing what the experience means. This helps the client start to release the trigger or the emotional attachment to past unwanted experience or fear.  

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Which issues does Exposure therapy help with?

Avoidance behaviors that eliminate exposure to anxiety triggers can offer a short-term reduction of anxiety in the moment. However, long term avoidance can intensify fear and anxiety and lead to phobic behaviors and depression that limit an individual’s quality of life.  Exposure therapy has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment or treatment component for a range of problems, including:

Exposure Therapy Pricing

Therapy creates a space for you to experience healing and progress in a way that can change your life. But of course, it’s also an investment of both time and finances. When you’re ready to commit to healing and transformation, here is what you can expect.

Standard individual session
(50 minutes) $190


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