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Therapy for Anxiety & Stress

At Anchor Light Therapy, your stress and anxiety therapist relies on a combination of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR, Hypnotherapy, meditation, relationship counseling, grounding/mindfulness, coping exercises (yes – there are some you haven’t tried!) as well as trauma informed talk therapy. Our therapists offer private anxiety counseling in-person at our Queen Anne office or online. Schedule your free initial consultation today.

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Treatment for Anxiety & Stress

Understanding the source of our anxiety – especially the kind that can take over our thoughts and daily functioning – is the first part of the healing process.  We are collectively feeling anxiety as we navigate a new normal and an uncertain future. Uncertainty may be amplifying your own personal anxiety and related symptoms.

Causes of Anxiety & Stress

Here are some of the life stressors that can begin to feel overwhelming and unmanageable.

  • Negative interactions at work
  • An uncertain financial future
  • Stressful relationships – familial & romantic
  • Childhood trauma
  • Social anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Public speaking

Anxiety Disorders

Sometimes, we have anxiety for reasons we can’t explain. There are anxiety disorders that make us anxious at any given moment without prompting. No matter the source of your anxiety, working with an anxiety therapist can help you to understand and cope with your symptoms as well as begin to heal and resolve them.

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Signs of problematic anxiety, trauma related disorders, or hypervigilance

  • Excessive worry about imagined dangers or threats
  • Feeling restless
  • Insomnia or changes in normal sleep patterns
  • Changes to appetite
  • Trying to control things that are out of your control such as other people’s perceptions or behaviors
  • Physiological response such as dry mouth, increase heart rate, lightheadedness
  • Experiencing panic attacks
  • Avoiding social situations or doing things outside of your comfort zone
  • Getting stuck in negative emotions such as fear, anger, and feelings of insecurity or self-doubt
  • Engaging in numbing behaviors such as using substances, gambling, shopping, or excessive screen time to try and feel better

Counseling can relieve your stress and anxiety

Stress counseling and anxiety counseling can help you manage, reduce, and relieve anxiety.

We help you identify solutions to relieve stress and anxiety that are specific to your personal situation. Anxiety can show up as unreasonable fears, intrusive thoughts that you can’t seem to shake, or just a general sense of dread or impending doom even one is in the middle of normal routine behaviors such as watching T.V. or getting ready to go to work.

Individualized approach to anxiety therapy

Not a one-size-fits all approach. We find that different clients respond to different approaches. Which is why we are committed to offering a variety of modalities and staying current on the most effective interventions. 

It is impossible to avoid all stress, but you do not need to feel anxious all the time.

Every session is individualized to your needs because nobody benefits from a cookie cutter approach to therapy. We will focus on the specific strategies that will best apply to your situation. And when something does not work, we toss it out and try something new.

The goal of anxiety treatment is for you to leave with a stronger sense of preparation and self-confidence in your ability to tackle life’s challenges. The tools and skills you learn will be available to help you well beyond the end of our time together. 

How long does it take to treat anxiety?

Therapy is an investment in your personal well-being. Much like exercise it takes a bit of effort to see the best results. There is no one size fits all approach. The goal is to help you achieve results and see progress. 

However, we all have varied life experiences some of those can be addressed with a short-term intervention while some require longer term therapy. On average most clients see an anxiety/stress therapist for 10-15 sessions.

Seattle Anxiety Specialist 

I specialize in healing trauma related anxiety.

I have trained and worked for years to help others overcome their anxiety symptoms. I specialize in working with clients who have developed anxiety related to trauma. Trauma can result from different types of unexpected or painful life events – job loss, the end of a relationship, harassment in the workplace, a car accident, toxic or abusive relationships, verbal or physical assault, violence, unfair treatment, fear of losing a loved one, illness, just to name a few. 

Having experienced anxiety both personally and professionally, and overcome it, I have a close connection with the disorder and a sense of duty to help whomever I can with anxiety. I know how challenging and downright miserable it can be to live with anxiety. Working with and witnessing the healing of so many, as well as myself, I also know that relief is possible. There is control, security, and peace on the other side of treatment.

Michelle Mooney LMHCA, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Trauma Specialist, EMDR therapist, Anxiety Specialist


Can you treat Social Anxiety?

Yes. Social Anxiety treatments depend upon the individual and the severity of the symptoms. Physical issues, or diseases, may contribute to the development or worsening of symptoms.

Counseling, such as Group Therapy or Talk Therapy, is usually the first step in treatment for social anxiety. Behavioral therapies are the most common way to treat Social Anxiety Disorder because they teach one how to think, behave, and react differently to stress-inducing situations.

Anxiety Support Groups vs Individual Counseling

Support groups for Anxiety can be beneficial as they go over useful tools and skills to help people deal with Stress and Anxiety. The difference between a group setting and individual counseling/therapy for anxiety or stress is that individual sessions are personalized and move at your pace vs the group’s pace. Treatment is personalized.

Is Stress Management Counseling different than stress counseling?

An effective stress management plan includes stress counseling. We can help you identify and manage life stressors using a variety of counseling interventions that will support you in  reaching your stress management goals. 

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Anxiety Therapy Pricing

Therapy creates a space for you to experience healing and progress in a way that can change your life. But of course, it’s also an investment of both time and finances. When you’re ready to commit to healing and transformation, here is what you can expect.

Standard individual session
(50 minutes) $175


We do not participate with any insurance panels. Anchor Light Therapy Collective is considered an out-of-network provider. 

As a courtesy to any individual clients who wish to utilize their insurance benefits, We are happy to verify your out-of-network plan benefits to tell you what portion, if any, may be covered by your health insurance provider. 

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