We help couples & individuals create meaningful, long-lasting change in their lives.

We give couples and individuals an open and non-judgemental space to reconnect with their purpose and passion. We believe that the best therapy is therapy that makes the most of your unique and inherent strengths, so our solutions-based approach is all about empowering you, supporting you, and helping you grow.

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Meet Our Seattle Therapists

Finding the right therapist is all about finding a comfortable, easy connection. The best way to get a feel for that is to schedule a no-cost consultation. It’s easy, and we love hearing from folks who are about to make positive changes in their lives.

Michelle Mooney

I am passionate about empowering my clients and improving lives. I believe this is possible for every individual and every couple. My therapeutic approach is holistic, integrative and personal to you – meaning there is no “one size fits all” template that I follow. I honor the uniqueness of humans and their individual life experiences.

Laura Richer

My therapeutic method is designed to help you let go of what’s holding you back and create a more authentic version of who you are. My approach is about building confidence; it’s about supporting people as they learn how to trust themselves, their own instincts and intuition. My clients often tell me that I’m very grounded and down-to-earth but ultimately, I’m inspired by them.

Meara Harrington

I am trained in multiple therapeutic interventions and orientations which allows me to customize my approach with each of my clients. Since every individual and couple is unique, every approach to treatment is different. We all have our own struggles and achievements, I work with you to help you identify your strengths and support you in working through challenges so that you can reach success in whatever way you define it.

Telehealth Online Therapy & In Office Sessions Available

We’re all in this together. During this incredibly difficult time, anchor light is offering both online telehealth and in office therapy sessions. Please use the consultation form to drop us a note or ask for more information. We’ll be in touch.

Therapy for Couples

Strategies for finding love, staying in love, and loving your life

People choose to connect with a therapist for many different reasons but what they all have in common is that they have the intention of living a richer, more meaningful life.

Therapy for Individuals

Tools for building confidence and self worth

A negative inner dialogue undermines confidence and self-worth. Release your patterns of self-sabotage and create what you truly desire for yourself.

Therapy for Anxiety & Stress

Tools for reducing stress and anxiety

From mindfulness and meditation to cognitive behavioral therapy and more, we can help you learn how to move through difficult days with strength and reason.

Therapy for Work Stress

Tools for reducing stress in the workplace and career changes

How has the pandemic and recession changed your job or your career? With the right tools and mindset, you can rediscover your purpose, regain your direction, and find solid ground in this challenging economy. 

Therapy for Trauma & PTSD

Tools for coping with intrusive memories, mood changes, and emotional reactions

Therapeutic interventions such as EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Individual Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and working with a trauma-informed therapist can help you heal from the symptoms of traumatic stress and move forward in your life.

Therapy for Grief and Loss

Tools for coping with grief

Loss comes with very personal and intense emotions. No matter what you’re grieving—a loved one, a marriage, your health or sense of normalcy—we can help you move through it and regain your energy and your spirit. 

We’re living in unprecedented times

On one hand, we have opportunities and abundance unlike any generation before us—but on the other hand, we’re faced with big upheaval and a lot of uncertainty. And then you factor in the challenging relationships, work and money stress, and a restless anxiety about the past, present, and future. If you’re exhausted, depressed, angry, afraid, unmotivated, and uninspired, that’s because you’re a thinking, feeling human in a difficult world. But that which makes you alive and sensitive can also restore balance, and bring hope and well-being back into your daily life.

At Anchor Light Therapy Collective, we’re known for employing both modern and traditional therapeutic modalities. We partner with you to find an approach that fits your personality and your situation.