Accepting New Clients (updated Mar 2)

What can you expect when you engage in Family therapy?

Phase One

Intake, Assessment and Treatment Planning

Your therapist will complete a thorough assessment with you to understand your history, identified needs for counseling, current challenges or symptoms. This will help inform the direction of your treatment. Together you will create a treatment plan which will support you in reaching your goals for therapy.

Phase Two


Your care will be individualized, and your therapist will determine skills and therapeutic modalities which fit your family’s unique needs. 

Phase Three 


You and your therapist will review progress made in therapy and determine if continued support is needed, or if you are ready to end services.


Do I need to include a payment method on all profiles?

Yes. All client profiles must complete a payment authorization form.

Do all members of the family need to have a TherapyPortal account?

Yes. All individuals who are attending therapy sessions will need to complete a TherapyPortal profile and complete all new client forms.

Family Therapy:

Our Family Therapy services are weekly sessions primarily focused on communication, family dynamics, emotional processing, strengthening bonds, and repairing trust. Often, we do this work in conjunction with our Couples, Individual and Child therapy services. We do not provide intensive therapy services, such as multiple sessions a week, group therapy and crisis services.

Therefore, if you or a family member is experiencing suicidality, self-harm, violent behaviors or behaviors of an eating disorder, referral to more intensive treatment is recommended. In this instance, we are happy to provide resources or referrals. We also do not provide custody evaluations if this is something you are seeking. There will be more assessment of these areas during the initial consultation.