Accepting New Clients (updated Sep 27)

Anchor Light Therapy Intern Program

Discounted Therapy offered by Master’s Level Antioch University Students

We at Anchor Light Therapy Collective are excited to offer our clients reduced rate therapy sessions facilitated by interns. We are excited about this partnership, and you can use this page to familiarize yourself with our new interns, and to schedule a free consultation.

Graduate Interns

Why see an Intern?

Feeling the need to see a therapist, but the cost is prohibitive? Do you wish you could see a mental health professional in a comfortable setting? Anchor Light Therapy Collective’s internship program makes mental healthcare more accessible to all members of the community.  It also provides mentorship and supervision for the next generation of therapists.

Who are our Interns?

Anchor Light Therapy Collective’s interns are master’s level graduate students from Antioch University-Seattle. These students need clinical internship hours to complete their degree. By partnering together, Anchor Light and Antioch are able to provide therapy services that benefit both the students and our community.

Things to consider:

Things to keep in mind when scheduling with interns:

  • Scheduling a consultation with one of our interns allows you to have a 20 minute conversation with them to make sure they are a good match, in order to achieve your therapy goals
  • Intern therapy sessions are not infinite. These students will complete their internship after 1 year
  • Interns are supervised by licensed clinicians. They may consult with these supervisors, who may then review your therapy notes
  • Interns cannot bill insurance for therapy sessions. Therefore, if you would like to bill your out-of-network benefits for services please schedule a consultation with our licensed thereapists.

How much does Intern Therapy cost?

Intern Therapy sessions cost $70 and are 50 minutes long.

Individual therapy sessions with a licensed Anchor Light Therapist cost $175 and are 50 minutes long.

Low Cost Couples Therapy
People choose to connect with a therapist for many different reasons but what they all have in common is that they have the intention of living a richer, more meaningful life. Take advantage of our affordable couples therapy with one of our Master’s level intern therapists today.


Low Cost Individual Therapy
Therapy creates a space for you to experience healing and progress in a way that can change your life. Take advantage of our affordable Individual Therapy and commit to healing and transformation with our Master’s level intern therapists today.


Low Cost Teen Therapy
Sometimes it seems like parents and teenagers speak different languages. Let us translate! We speak fluent parent and are versed at really listening to teens and adolescents. Get affordable teen therapy with one of our Master’s level intern therapists today.


Low Cost Family Therapy
Family Counseling is appropriate not only for families in crisis, but also for families who want to increase their ability to communicate effectively, and enhance their relationships. Get the help you need with affordable family therapy with one of our intern therapists.

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