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Individual Therapy SeattleIndividual therapy is a one-on-one approach to psychotherapy. During your sessions, you will work directly with me in a confidential, safe, open, and caring environment. You will be invited to explore your feelings, behaviors, and beliefs, and together we will work through your challenges to improve your quality and enjoyment of life.

I work with people on a wide array of issues. Some of these include depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship difficulties, dating, building confidence and self-worth, finding purpose and direction, eliminating patterns of self-sabotage, addiction, grief, and loss.

If your difficulties center around a close relationship, relationship counseling might be indicated, but this is something we can decide together as the work progresses.

If you are feeling stuck for any reason, or if you are facing specific obstacles in your life, individual therapy can help you identify situations in your past that may have led you to this point. Most importantly, it can help you to see more clearly what is going on with you right now.

Some of the issues that individual therapy can address include:




Eating disorders

Anger issues

Relationship problems

Marriage issues, such as separation or divorce

Addiction and substance abuse



Family issues

Sleep disorders like insomnia


These are just a few of the challenges we frequently see. If you do not see your problem listed here, please reach out to us directly so that we can assess your situation.

Gain Understanding of Who You Are Now Versus Your Former Self

Individual therapy gives you new insight into the person you used to be versus who you are today. Often, past trauma and hurt, even when experienced in the distant past, will have a profound effect on your behavior in the present. If these traumas are not addressed, they will continue to affect you in just about every area of your life.

In some cases, you may not even realize how certain aspects of your earlier life have changed you. Individual therapy can help you recognize these aspects of your personality. Together, we will develop strategies you can use to stop them from controlling your life.

We will systematically address all the obstacles that have been blocking you from reaching your goals, whatever they might be. Individual therapy is a highly effective approach to helping you understand what motivates you and what has been holding you back.

Individual Therapy is a Two-Way Street

Though it is called Individual Therapy, there are two people involved: you, and me.

As your therapist, I partner with you. Rather than sitting idly by as you talk about your issues, I am an active participant in your therapy. My approach is results-and-action oriented, and I will always seek to provide you tools you can use immediately to overcome your challenges.

In my practice, I offer both short term (hypnotherapy) and longer-term (psychotherapy) therapeutic interventions. I tend to apply different modalities based on individual needs. This approach ensures that your therapy is designed especially for you and with your goals in mind.

The route we ultimately decide to take will require some discussion about your past. Though this may be difficult, we need to understand your journey, and what has brought you to where you are today. It is a process of understanding, and it isn’t always accomplished quickly, BUT I want you to know that everything that I do is to support you in reaching your goals.

For example, we will not spend years talking about your parents if that is not part of your goal. Instead, we will work to move through the chaos and clutter in your mind so that you can focus on what is truly meaningful to you. In my experience, this is the approach that best supports you in moving closer to having the life you desire.

Some of the potential outcomes of individual therapy include:

Gain insights about your life and patterns of unwanted behavior

Recover from past trauma

Learn coping skills to manage patterns of anxiety, depression, self-criticism, and other toxic thoughts and emotions

Uncover the underlying causes of difficult emotions

Improve your relationships

Feel empowered every day

Increase confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem

Therapy may stir up some powerful emotions, and this is something to be expected. During your sessions, you may become angry, emotional, or sad. But, as we work through your challenges, you will gradually feel more comfortable talking about these things.

I may occasionally assign “homework” for you to do in between sessions. These exercises are meant to help you develop a different way of thinking about how you approach certain situations. In any case, if you are willing to do the work, the effort you put in will yield results.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

Individual therapy sessions are anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes in duration. Your appointment frequency depends on several factors, from the severity of your concerns, to how quickly your situation improves, to your financial circumstances.

While some concerns can be resolved in just a few sessions, you can’t expect to reverse a lifetime of trauma in a short period of time. In some cases, it may take several months or even years to reach your ultimate goal. However, if you are committed to change, and if we both feel that you are making progress, consistency is essential.

You may well notice that symptoms are lessened as time goes by. Sometimes, this can occur very quickly, giving you immediate relief from your troubles. However, staying the course and doing your homework as assigned will sustain your results and ensure that the strategies you learn in therapy will become part of your daily routine. Patience, perseverance, and trust are essential for long-term success.

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