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Spokane Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of virtual marital therapy and couples counseling, now catered explicitly for clients in Spokane, WA. Your licensed mental health counselor will utilize the evidence-backed Gottman Method to guide you and your partner toward effective communication and conflict management to solidify your friendship, intensify intimacy, build trust, and synergize your life goals. Contact us today to learn how virtual marriage counseling and couples therapy can help you create the relationship you’ve always desired.

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Strengthen Your Bond with Virtual Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Virtual relationship therapy has become an innovative and effective solution for couples seeking professional guidance. With Anchor Light Therapy Collective, you will experience online sessions with the same quality and care as traditional face-to-face therapy from the comfort and convenience of your Spokane home.

Our therapists employ proven emotionally focused therapy methods to guide couples through identifying issues, improving communication, and strengthening their relationships. We aim to equip couples with the tools to engage in healthy dialogue to resolve problems and create shared understanding. Regardless of the stage or state of your relationship, our virtual counseling services are a step towards a healthier, happier partnership.

Choose the Relationship Counseling That Works for You

Marriage counseling and couples therapy are forms of family therapy designed to identify and address specific issues impacting your relationship, including communication problems, conflict about having or raising children, infidelity, financial struggles, anxiety, past sexual abuse trauma, and more.

We believe every relationship holds the potential for growth and better understanding, and we’re committed to fostering stronger bonds, healthier communication, and deeper understanding for all. Whether you’re preparing for a lifelong commitment, navigating marital challenges, or part of the LGBTQ+, polyamory, or transgender community, our ultimate goal is to provide you and your partner the tools to understand each other better, negotiate differences, and solve problems more healthily. Our couples therapy services cater to all relationship dynamics and their related challenges, including

Premarital Counseling

Our virtual premarital counseling is a great way to proactively address premarital concerns and prepare for marriage to ensure the well-being of your relationship. Your counselor will guide you and your fiance in addressing potential challenges and gaining skills for a successful union, including learning to manage disagreements, reduce anxiety, and discuss important topics like finances, AHDH, family planning, depression, and intimacy.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is open to all couples seeking to build healthy relationships. Whether you’re married, living together, polyamorous, considering a breakup, single, gay, bisexual, or straight, couples therapy and counseling meet the needs of couples in any relationship stage or type. The aim is to mend frayed bonds or reinforce an already happy relationship.

LGBTQ+ and Polyamorous Couples Therapy

Our therapy team is incredibly proud to be LGBTQ+, Kink, and Poly-friendly. We wholeheartedly support the Sex Positive community throughout Spokane and work tirelessly to provide a judgment-free zone where every client feels genuinely understood without any discrimination regarding identity.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is an excellent choice for all married couples, whether you’re in a loving relationship, experiencing difficulties, or considering divorce. Working with a licensed marriage therapist, you and your partner will learn to better understand your emotions toward your marriage, meet each others’ needs, resolve persistent disagreements, strengthen emotional and physical bonds, and support each other during tough times through effective communication.

Sex & Marriage Counseling

Discussing sex and intimacy can be challenging due to societal, familial, and personal beliefs. Past traumas can complicate matters further, even in otherwise healthy relationships. Our sex & marriage counseling offers a safe space to deepen your and your partner’s physical and emotional closeness, ensuring both feel understood and satisfied.

Infidelity & Affair Recovery Therapy

Repairing the damage caused by an affair is challenging, yet it’s possible if both partners are committed to the process. Couples and marriage therapy help to address the root causes of infidelity and provide partners with a safe space to honestly share feelings of betrayal, rebuild trust & connection, listen with empathy & compassion, learn to meet each other’s needs, and develop the skills required for a successful reconciliation.

What to Expect During Spokane Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Once you’re prepared to begin your couples therapy or marriage counseling journey, here’s a glimpse of our holistic approach.

  1. Meet your Marriage and Family Therapist and Initial Assessment – During your first session, you and your partner will get acquainted with your therapist and lay a foundation for the future by clarifying your goals for family counseling before completing a mandatory post-session online assessment.
  2. Individual Sessions – Following the initial session, you will attend an individual therapy session where your therapist will gain a holistic understanding of your partnership, personal histories, and the challenges and strengths you bring into the relationship.
  3. Treatment Plan & Strategy Creation – After the individual sessions, your therapist will share their preliminary insights and provide a customized treatment plan, charting a course to achieve your relationship goals.
  4. Number of Sessions – On average, our clients engage in 10-20 couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions. Clients with specific, short-term goals may be able to reach their goals in an additional 3-5 sessions, while couples with more complex issues may engage in a longer course of treatment.

How much does Spokane marriage counseling & couples therapy cost?

Therapy creates a space for you to experience healing and progress in a way that can change your life. But of course, it’s also an investment of time and finances. When you’re ready to commit to healing and transformation, here is what you can expect.

First session

All subsequent sessions
$175 (50 minutes)

Choose Anchor Light Therapy For Your Spokane Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

At Anchor Light Therapy, we extend compassionate and professional virtual marriage counseling and couples therapy services to clients in Spokane, WA. We understand each relationship is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and dynamics. Our team is committed to providing personalized strategies to strengthen your relationship, promote effective communication, and foster mutual understanding.

Embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier relationship. Contact us today to schedule your initial complimentary session.


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