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Anxiety Counseling Bellevue WA by Licensed Therapists

Everyone experiences a sense of anxiousness from time to time, whether it be in a big moment or even an everyday occurrence. However, when these feelings become extreme or start to invade your day-to-day life, it could be a sign that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is something that can affect anyone regardless of age or background, manifesting itself in various ways. It’s important to recognize the symptoms and seek professional help if the anxiety persists or worsens.

If you are suffering from persistent worry and severe anxiety, licensed therapists at Anchor Light Therapy Collective can provide professional assistance in managing your symptoms.

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Licensed Therapists in Bellevue, WA

Our team of dedicated and licensed family therapist have undergone extensive training in a diverse array of modalities, providing them extensive experience in effective and caring therapy and counseling for couples, individuals, families, and children alike. We strive to offer flexibility and convenience with our early and late appointment options, so that your care always fits into your busy schedule.

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What is Anxiety?

Feeling worry and anxiety is a normal response to a stressful situation. It can manifest itself as feelings of fear and worry, such as before a plane trip, when giving a speech to your peers, or upon learning that a colleague has been let go. However, it’s important to remember that these emotions and thoughts are temporary, and will pass with the event itself.

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorders are more than just momentary stress or fear – they are serious medical conditions that can disrupt your daily life – from your ability to perform well in the workplace or school, to getting a good night’s sleep, to having healthy relationships with those you care about.

Why You May Have a Anxiety Disorder

Overly Social World

It has been suggested that social anxiety disorder may be a result of evolutionarily inadequate adaptation to our modern environments. Our present-day lifestyles are drastically different than those of our ancestors, and this could be a contributing factor to the condition.

For example, unfortunate experiences in large gatherings or even social media may act as catalysts – leading to the development of this disorder in certain individuals.


People from certain families may be genetically predisposed to anxiety disorders due to family history of the condition.


People who possess type-A personalities are characteristically ambitious and organized, earning them the nickname of ‘workaholics’. Unfortunately, such individuals are often more prone to anxiety disorders than their counterparts. To manage such stress, some may respond by avoiding long-term goals and procrastinating, or they could even resort to unhealthy habits like staying up all night to reach their life goals and targets.

Bellevue Mental Health Therapists Specializing in Anxiety

We have dedicated our time and efforts to helping people alleviate the distress and depression caused by anxiety and fear. When it comes to trauma-related anxiety, we’ve been able to accompany our clients every step of the way, allowing them to move past their painful life experiences and gain peace of mind.

Trauma can arise from various sources, like job loss, relationship issues, or physical harm, but regardless of its origin, we have the expertise to tackle it effectively.

We understand how difficult it is to live with anxiety, but we know there is always hope positive change; that healing and relief are accessible. Our understanding and compassionate guidance has enabled countless people to live in control, security, and serenity.

Our Approach to Anxiety Counseling

Our experienced anxiety therapists will thoroughly diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We specialize in identifying the underlying cause of your anxiety disorder, while also helping you to develop relaxation techniques and coping strategies that you can practice at home.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a our preferred approach to treat anxiety by changing thought and behavior patterns. A cognitive behavioral therapist will work with you to alter the way you respond to life events and triggering situations.

Remember: Recovery isn’t always a straight course, it will often involve a series of ups and downs. You are likely to find yourself feeling more positive about the future one day, only for it to be followed by a period where you feel more discouraged. No matter what twists and turns may come, stay true to yourself and your journey towards healing.

Working with adults, youth, and families brings us immense joy. Our goal is to aid you on a path to increased self-assurance, stronger relationships, and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Convenient Online Therapy Options

If traditional in-person counseling sessions in our Seattle office are not an option for you, virtual therapy sessions are here to provide the same quality care and treatment you need.

Our secure online therapy and virtual counseling services allow you to access the help you need right from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere else you feel confident.

Our virtual counselors based in Seattle are available 7 days a week. Schedule your free initial consultation today.


How much does Anxiety Therapy cost?

Therapy creates a space for you to experience healing and progress in a way that can change your life. But of course, it’s also an investment of both time and finances. When you’re ready to commit to healing and transformation, here is what you can expect.

Standard individual session
(50 minutes) $175


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As a courtesy to any individual clients who wish to utilize their insurance benefits, We are happy to verify your out-of-network plan benefits to tell you what portion, if any, may be covered by your health insurance provider. 

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