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Bellevue Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Even the strongest relationships can benefit from couples therapy and marriage counseling. At Anchor Light Therapy Collective, we utilize the Gottman Method to help couples overcome relationship issues, enhance communication, and deepen intimacy. If you’re a Bellevue, WA, resident seeking a team of highly competent and compassionate couples therapists, we invite you to visit us in person at our welcoming Uptown/Lower Queen Anne Seattle office or online through our convenient virtual family therapy platform. Schedule a complimentary initial session for yourself and your partner today to discover the benefits of couples therapy and marriage counseling.

Bellevue Clients Can Choose Between Online and In-Person Relationship Counseling

We provide Bellevue clients the flexibility to choose between in-person sessions or online therapy via our HIPAA-compliant online therapy platform. Both modalities offer effective therapeutic results, and we encourage clients to select the option that aligns best with their comfort and needs. Don’t forget, if you initially opt for online sessions, you are always welcome to book an in-person session at any point.

Bellevue Couples Therapists & Marriage Counselors

What to Expect During Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Once you’re prepared to begin your couples therapy or marriage counseling journey, here’s a glimpse of our holistic approach.

Meet your Marriage and Family Therapist and Initial Assessment

Your first session will lay a foundation for the future by clarifying your goals for family counseling. Here, you and your partner will get acquainted with your therapist. They will observe your interactions and begin to understand your relationship dynamic and shared history. Then, after the session, you and your partner must complete a thorough online assessment.

Individual Sessions

Following the initial session, each of you will attend a solo session, allowing your therapist to gain a holistic understanding of your partnership, your individual histories, and the challenges and strengths you bring into the relationship.

Treatment Plan & Strategy Creation

After the individual sessions, your therapist will share their preliminary insights and provide a customized treatment plan. With your therapist, you and your partner will chart a course to achieve your relationship goals, which may involve improving communication, enhancing coping mechanisms, and addressing conflict or other relationship problems.

Number of Sessions

Clients with a specific, short-term goal, such as premarital counseling or couples addressing a particular event, may be able to reach their goals in an additional 3-5 sessions following the assessment and individual sessions. Couples with more complex issues may engage in a longer course of treatment to allow the necessary time to overcome more challenging or long-standing concerns. On average, our clients engage in 10-20 couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions.

Learn More About Our Bellevue Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling Program

Find out what to expect when you engage in couples therapy or marriage counseling at Anchor Light Therapy Collective!

Anchor Light Couples Therapy Program

Find out what to expect when you engage in couples therapy at Anchor Light

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Choose the Relationship Counseling That Works for You

At Anchor Light Therapy Collect, our couples therapists offer various forms of relationship counseling in Bellevue, WA, to meet the needs of all relationships.

Couples Therapy & Counseling

Couples therapy & counseling is open to all couples seeking to build healthy relationships. Whether you’re married or soon to be, living together, polyamorous, considering a breakup, single, gay, bisexual, or straight, couples therapy and counseling meet the needs of couples in any relationship stage or type. The aim is to mend frayed bonds or reinforce an already happy relationship.

LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

We pride ourselves on being LGBTQ+, Kink, and Poly-friendly. We wholeheartedly support the Bellevue Sex Positive community, providing a judgment-free zone where all feel genuinely understood, regardless of identity. 

Premarital Counseling & Therapy

Marriage is a pivotal life decision. Before tying the knot, it’s crucial to address potential challenges. Working with a licensed marriage therapist, premarital counseling & therapy will equip couples with the mental and emotional skills needed for a successful matrimony. During premarital counseling & therapy, you and your partner will

  • Foster greater respect, appreciation, and insight within your relationship
  • Improve your communication and learn beneficial coping techniques
  • Discover positive ways to handle disagreements and resolve conflict
  • Lessen anxiety, worries, and uncertainties about the future
  • Navigate conversations on money, mental health, depression, family planning, intimacy, eating disorders, and more with ease
  • Tackle pre-marriage concerns, ensuring you fully enjoy every moment of this exciting phase

General Marriage Counseling & Therapy

Married couples can greatly benefit from marriage counseling and therapy, whether in a loving relationship, experiencing difficulties, or considering divorce. Working with a licensed marriage therapist, you and your partner will learn to

  • Understand your emotions towards your marital relationship better
  • Tackle persistent disagreements and find resolutions
  • Strengthen the emotional bond and closeness
  • Enhance physical closeness and overcome barriers to connection
  • Find ways to lean on your partner during tough times instead of pushing them away
  • Uncover effective ways to communicate and voice your desires efficiently

Sex & Marriage Counseling

Sex & intimacy play vital roles in every relationship. Yet, talking about it can be challenging due to societal, familial, or personal beliefs. Past traumas can complicate matters further, even in otherwise healthy relationships. Tackling sexual issues head-on, rather than avoidance, is vital and can significantly improve any strain on your relationship. Sex & marriage counseling offers a safe space to deepen your and your partner’s physical and emotional closeness, ensuring both feel understood and satisfied. Here are some reasons couples choose sex therapy

  • Addressing lingering traumas from previous negative sexual experiences
  • When either partner is avoiding intimacy or feels their self-worth affected by it
  • If one or both partners experience difficulty expressing their sexual desires
  • When partners have differing levels of sexual desire or enthusiasm
  • Facing physical challenges like discomfort during sex or issues with orgasm
  • Addressing concerns about pornography or other sexual compulsions
  • Overcoming challenges regarding childbirth or parenting
  • Exploring curiosities about Kink, BDSM, Open Relationships, or Polyamory

Infidelity & Affair Recovery Therapy

Repairing the damage caused by an affair is challenging, yet it’s possible if both partners are committed to the process. Couples and marriage therapy help to address the root causes and equip partners with the proper reconciliation tools. Infidelity and affair recovery therapy will help you and your partner to

  • Create an environment to share feelings about betrayal openly and honestly
  • Hone your listening skills and hear your partner with empathy & compassion
  • Discover effective methods to articulate and meet each other’s needs
  • Cultivate daily practices that rebuild trust and connection
  • Help you recognize and voice appreciation for your partner’s role in the relationship
  • Develop techniques to create a safe space to resolve conflict rather than avoiding or intensifying them.

FAQs – Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling in Bellevue, WA

Who is a good candidate for couples therapy & marriage counseling?

Ideal candidates are genuinely committed to enhancing their relationship. If the commitment isn’t mutual, sessions might focus on separation or co-parenting discussions. The ultimate goal is to meet the client’s relationship objectives, whether staying together or parting on good terms.

When should couples start marriage counseling?

It’s often beneficial to begin therapy sooner rather than later. Dr. John Gottman’s research reveals couples typically wait six years before seeking help. Addressing issues before they escalate can prevent irreversible damage. Success hinges on both timing and the commitment of both partners.

What is the success rate of couples counseling?

Couples counseling can significantly improve relationships when both partners are receptive and willing to change.

Is there a difference between counseling and therapy?

While “counseling” and “therapy” are often used synonymously, they differ. Counseling typically addresses present concerns and is often used for short-term conflicts. Therapy delves deeper, exploring long-standing issues and their origins, which might require extended treatment.

How can I convince my partner to attend couples therapy?

Approach the topic empathetically and non-judgmentally. Express the importance of therapy for you and the relationship. Sharing your feelings and concerns, rather than blaming or accusing, is key.

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Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling Pricing

Committing to couples therapy or marriage counseling can transform your life, requiring time and financial investment. Here’s what you can expect:

First session

All subsequent sessions
$175 (50 minutes)


We do not participate with any insurance panels. Anchor Light Therapy Collective is considered an out-of-network provider.

As a courtesy to any individual clients who wish to utilize their insurance benefits, We are happy to verify your out-of-network plan benefits to tell you what portion, if any, may be covered by your health insurance provider.

Out of Network Insurance Options