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Tacoma Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Discover the power of online marriage counseling and couples therapy from your Tacoma home with Anchor Light Therapy Collective. Our experienced counselors understand how to help you navigate conflict, improve communication, strengthen friendship, deepen intimacy, build trust, and share your life’s purpose and dreams. With us as your guide, you’ll have the tools and techniques to conquer any challenge in your journey together. We offer free initial consultations so you can explore how relationship therapy can benefit you. Schedule yours today to learn more about how we can help you create a deeper connection.

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Enjoy Convenient Online Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Take control of your mental health with our secure and convenient online therapy sessions. Our virtual counselors, based in Seattle, provide individuals and couples in Tacoma, WA, with the treatment they need without leaving their homes. Don’t let a busy lifestyle stop you from getting support when you need it most; we are available seven days a week.

With our online counseling solutions, there’s no reason to avoid receiving help that can truly transform your life and make a positive difference. Schedule now for a free initial consultation and experience the benefits.

Anchor Light Couples Therapy Program

Find out what to expect when you engage in couples therapy at Anchor Light

Understanding Relationship Therapy

Starting couples therapy, marriage counseling, or any other form of relationship therapy can be daunting. Our therapists don’t treat you like two separate individuals. We look at your relationship as a whole. Relationship therapy is all about what is best for the partnership, not just one of the parties.

Our Tacoma marriage therapy and couples counseling services identify and explore conflict areas to create a stronger and healthier relationship between partners. Couples can build a more secure bond and improve their connection by taking this step together.

Our therapists take the time to get to know you and your partner as individuals, learning your histories and perspectives. This helps us provide tailored advice specific to your unique situation, helping you make positive changes in your relationship.

Experience the Benefits of Working
Through Relationship Issues

Relationship counseling can be an incredibly beneficial tool to build and maintain strong relationships. By getting to the core of conflicts, Tacoma couples can learn to resolve their differences and sharpen their communication skills effectively. Therapy can provide a valuable source of support and guidance for couples going through life changes such as job loss or the arrival of a new baby.

Where marriage counseling and couples therapy provide an opportunity to strengthen relationships and learn to work together, it’s also a way for couples to gain clarity on the state of their relationship, ultimately leading them to determine whether it is sustainable going forward.

  • Communication issues, including difficulty expressing feelings or understanding one another’s perspectives.
  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
  • Dealing with anger and other challenging emotions healthily.
  • Working through past hurts and resentments that can interfere with the present relationship.
  • Learning to trust one another again after betrayal or hurtful experiences have occurred in the relationship.
  • Understanding how family life dynamics, childhood experiences, trauma, and cultural backgrounds affect the couple’s interactions with each other.
  • Developing healthier boundaries between partners to promote respect and mutuality in the relationship.
  • Enhancing intimacy, connection, and closeness by exploring each partner’s needs and desires for physical and emotional closeness.
  • Navigating life transitions such as marriage, parenthood, career changes, or grief/loss together as a couple unit rather than individually managing them alone or apart from one another.
  • Learning how to effectively manage anxiety and stress while maintaining a healthy balance of work/life commitments within the relationship
  • Learning to support a partner with a cognitive disorder like ADHD

What Can Couples Gain from Counseling?

Relationship counseling is for any couple! Whether you’re married, dating, living together, single, gay, trans, bi-sexual, polyamorous, or heterosexual. Tacoma couples often seek marriage counseling and couples therapy when unsure how to improve and repair the relationship. People often come to marriage counseling when things get “bad enough” that they are thinking about ending the relationship. But counseling services also work for partners who want to “tune up” their relationship and remain on a healthy path – before a significant relationship breakdown.

Our Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy Program

Find out what to expect when you engage in relationship therapy at Anchor Light Therapy Collective

Program Overview

LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

The therapists at Anchor Light Therapy support the Sex Positive community in Tacoma, WA. We are Poly and Kink friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly. We offer an inclusive and safe space for those who may have felt judged or misunderstood in other therapeutic relationships.

Learn more about our LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Far from being solely for couples already facing difficulties, marriage counseling and couples therapy provide an opportunity to foster understanding and address underlying issues before they become an issue. Taking the time to work with a counselor is a wise investment in your partnership; it’s an invaluable chance to examine how you relate to each other, how you communicate, and the emotions that arise between you.

Through relationship therapy, couples can learn how to handle difficult conversations without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated, helping them to create a strong foundation for their future together. Such counseling can be considered preventative medicine for relationships – arming partners with the tools needed to keep individuals and their relationships healthy and happy.

The Importance of Working with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Investing in the expertise of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) is essential to ensure the highest quality of professional counseling.

Our therapists at Anchor Light have multiple years of training and university education in mental health, providing you with the necessary foundation to confidently pursue relationship therapy.

Additionally, all our counselors are trained in the Gottman Method, an evidence-based practice with decades of research and proven results. This approach focuses on teaching Tacoma couples techniques to build a strong friendship, resolve conflicts effectively, and communicate openly – all elements crucial for relationships to thrive.

How much do Tacoma marriage counseling and couples therapy cost?

Our therapy and counseling services create a space for you to experience healing and progress in a way that can change your life. But of course, it’s also an investment of time and finances. When you’re ready to commit to healing and transformation, here is what you can expect.

First session

All subsequent sessions
$175 (50 minutes)

Low-Cost Therapy Options Available

We also offer discounted therapy through our Intern Program. Sessions are conducted by Master’s Level Seattle University Students. Intern Therapy sessions cost $70 and are 50 minutes long. Learn more about the program and schedule a free consultation:

FAQs – Tacoma Marriage Counseling and Relationship Therapy

Why Anchor Light Therapy Collective for Relationship Counseling?

As a company of family therapy professionals, we believe Tacoma relationship therapy can be invaluable for couples looking to strengthen their relationships and improve communication.

Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced therapists who are dedicated to helping couples navigate the challenges that they may be facing in their relationship. Whether you are dealing with trust issues, conflicts around parenting or finances, or simply looking to improve your connection with your partner, we have the skills and expertise to help you find the support and guidance you need.

Should I seek relationship counseling or individual therapy?

That’s for you and your licensed mental health counselor to determine. Relationship therapy is about working on issues together. Sometimes, one or both partners have problems that cannot be addressed in couples sessions. Issues involving anxiety, grief, depression, or trauma may require an individual approach to treatment. If this is the case, we often recommend you continue relationship counseling so you can use tools, techniques, and learnings from individual therapy to improve your relationship.

Why The Gottman Method?

At Anchor Light Therapy Collective, our experienced counselors have been trained to use the Gottman Method of couples counseling. This approach enables us to help Tacoma couples develop practical strategies and solutions that are proven to make a positive difference in their relationships.

We’ll work with you both to build trust, understand each other better, strengthen your friendship, and deepen your intimacy. Additionally, we’ll encourage you to express your dreams and aspirations so that you can work towards living out your life’s purpose together as a couple.

The Gottman Method of couples therapy is designed to create a better, more harmonious relationship between partners. By removing the barriers of conflict in communication, couples can experience increased intimacy, mutual respect, and more affectionate interactions.

With this approach, each partner will have greater empathy for the other, leading to more understanding and connection in the relationship. Let us help you bridge the gap between you and your partner to work together towards a stronger bond.


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