Accepting New Clients (updated Jun 22)


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Seattle Complimentary Online Support Groups

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While on one hand it seems that all of us here in Seattle can feel good about our social distancing and stay-home efforts flattening the Coronavirus curve, there are some very real challenges resulting from so much solitude, and so much uncertainty ahead.


Maybe your kids are driving you crazy; maybe you’re overcome with empathy for all that their little minds can’t quite apprehend. Maybe you spend all night worrying about the stock market; maybe you’re terrified you’ll never work again. It’s possible you’ve been wearing the same pair of sweatpants all week and steadily replacing your morning smoothies with ice cream.


In an effort to support our community of clients, we’ve created a complimentary safe online support group. Support groups have long existed to help people with common concerns come together to share experiences and feelings, and to help each other as they help themselves.


Beyond their more obvious benefit, support groups are also great for strengthening listening skills and sharpening your ability to relate your own experiences as well as provide empathy for others. In the safe space we’ve created, Anchor Light therapists Laura and Michelle will explore strategies for dealing with uncertainty, anxiety treatment, coping with grief, and building emotional resilience in tough times.


This will be a support network outside your usual friends and family circle—an environment where honesty is honored and respected and fears and frustrations can be freely disclosed. Sometimes what you really need is expert guidance and some impartial sounding boards. That time is now.


Your mental health is important to us—we’re all in this together! If you’re interested in joining our complimentary online community, please fill out the form below and we’ll email you to schedule.

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“I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” —Mother Theresa