Accepting New Clients (updated Mar 3)

Episode 40

Anchor Light Therapy Collective founder Laura Richer and guest Tracy Willis, co-founder of the WHE agency discuss the importance of loving the work you do. They will also share the negative toll it took on their own mental health and well being when they found themselves in unsatisfying careers. It is never too late to find the work you love and in this episode Tracy shares how she made a big career transition mid life.

Tracy made the decision to first earn her MBA in management and then take the leap into a new industry doing something that she loves after 15 years in an industry that just wasn't for her. Five years later she owns two talent management agencies. As an employer she is dedicated to empowering other young women to be their best selves and love what they do. She has also created a second company with a business model that allows people to work part time at their own pace so they can slowly transition out of jobs that don't make them happy. If you find yourself well into a career or path that isn't for and feel ready to make the leap into something that inspires you then this episode is for you!