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Anchor Light Is Now ON THE AIR

Anchor Light Is Now ON THE AIR

Laura Richer, Seattle Therapist

Jun 8, 2020

Have you noticed that we’ve been ramping up around here? We have a new trauma-informed therapist (let’s hear it for Michelle Mooney!), a free online support group called Anchor & Connect, and as of Monday, June 8, a brand new radio show and podcast that we call Holding Ground.

Holding Ground - on Air

Hosted by Michelle and me—with a few special guests sprinkled in from time to time—Holding Ground is about love and trauma.

Now, I understand that might not be one of the more common pairings out there, but that’s exactly that point! Based on our personal specialties as well as the work we’re doing with all of you each week, we know that love and trauma are very often at the root of the change and growth you seek.

And of course, love and trauma are big containers—they give us lots of room to explore relationships, dating, identity, healing tools, grief, depression, and … happiness, laughter, prosperity, and good health.

Each Monday morning at 9 on KKNW 1150AM, you can tune in to hear us talking, laughing, and uncovering new insight. If Monday morning doesn’t work, no problem! Our show can be streamed at any time on KKNW’s site, or you can find it as a podcast on iTunes and other platforms.

So why a new radio show—why another therapist, and a support group, and more?

Anchor Light Is Now ON THE AIR We just really want to be your one and only valued resource for positive mental health, growth, and development. These developments were in the works before Covid19 and the recent protests, but the world outside our doors seems to require more connection, conversation, and healing every day. And we’re ready for it.

Please do listen in—and tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family, too. Are there things you’d like to hear us talk about? Be sure to let us know!

Are there things you want to talk through in session? Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll get you set up with an appointment as soon as possible. And if you’re new to Anchor Light and wanting to see whether one of us would be a good fit, please use our Get Started page to reach out.

Looking forward to seeing you,


P.S. In case you missed our announcement last week: We’re clear (and clean, and disinfected) for in-person appointments once again! If you’d rather, virtual sessions are great too, though!

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