Cat Carson

Couple’s, Children, and Family Therapist

Focus Areas

“I believe that we all have tremendous potential for healing and improving our relationships with ourselves and those around us. From the time we are born, we are met with messages from society at large, the families we grow up in, and the systems and institutions we interact with that inform how we see ourselves. But what if some of that information is flawed? Chances are that it has been and figuring out our own truth can be incredibly challenging when we have been working with bad facts. I provide my clients with a comfortable, non-judgmental space to see themselves with clear eyes, and increase safety, harmony and understanding in their relationships, to reach their goals.”

Training & Certifications

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Master's Degree

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Bachelor's Degree

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Hypnotherapy Certification

More About Cat

I come to this work with both humility and admiration for the strength and resilience of my clients. I do not claim to be an expert on you- that is your job. I can however be a sounding board for you, a guide, and a witness to your process. Therapy is a two-way process, so let us collaborate.

I believe that our histories hold answers to what makes us who we are, but that they do not have to define us. As a trauma informed therapist, I will never rush a client to talk about a trauma that they are not ready to discuss. When working with individuals and families who are facing cancer or other chronic illness, I help my clients navigate the emotional ups and downs this can bring, and the strain it can put on family relationships.

I use a combination of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Tools, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Bowenian Therapy, and other systemic therapy interventions to help individuals, families and couples slow down, connect to each other, and identify patterns that are no longer serving them. When working with kids and teens, I draw on my play, art, and drama therapy experience to make the work fun and engaging.

I am an East Coast transplant, lived in Budapest, Hungary for several years, and have been in Seattle for over twenty. I am a mom to an amazing nine-year-old and understand firsthand the challenges that parents face- particularly when those everyday challenges are made harder by, say, a pandemic and homeschooling, political instability, and total lack of personal space. I try to approach life and my work with compassion and humor.

I have a background in crisis intervention and suicide prevention, as well as non-profit fundraising for various social justice issues. I continue to attend to the never-ending work of self-examination and understanding necessary to show up as an effective clinician for my clients and strive to continue learning.