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Online Therapy Seattle

Online Therapy Seattle - Anchor Light Therapy CollectiveFor those of you who cannot reliably make it into the clinic for therapy, we offer secure online sessions for individual therapy only. Online therapy is a great way to access the treatment you need from the comfort of your home – or wherever you might be.

Choosing to engage in therapy is a very positive step towards a healthy, happy, and balanced life.

Online therapy is just as effective as in-person individual counseling for a range of issues, including:

Stress, anxiety, and depression

Burnout and overwhelm

Negative thoughts

Trauma and PTSD

Relationship issues

Grief and loss

Eating disorders

Addictions and substance abuse

Change of relationship status

Change of job/career

Don’t let the constraints of your busy lifestyle prevent you from getting the help you need.

Online therapy is an excellent option if:

You travel a lot for work

You live too far away from the clinic

You have a challenging or busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to get away for therapy

You are more comfortable and at ease in your own environs

You have mobility issues

You do not drive

Is Online Therapy Right For You?

However, online therapy is not right for everybody. We offer online therapy under the right circumstances, but there are some caveats and guidelines to which we must adhere. These requirements have to do with your privacy, our compliance, and the success and efficiency of the therapy process.

Ultimately, the goal of therapy is to make you feel better, so it’s essential to ensure we remain within the guidelines.

Some things to know about online therapy:

We offer online therapy throughout Washington State

You must be in Washington State at the time of your session

Online therapy is for individuals only

Therapy sessions are conducted over a HIPAA-compliant version of Skype and are completely secure and private

You must access online therapy from a secure connection

Online therapy sessions are not to be undertaken from your car or while you are out and about

You need a reliable internet connection

You must have a quiet, private place to access your session

You will need to access our web app through a browser or by downloading the app onto your smartphone

These points are prerequisites for online therapy. If you have any questions or concerns about these or any other aspects of treatment, please contact the office directly so that we can help.

What Happens During Online Therapy?

Our end of your online therapy session is conducted from a private space in our office over a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection. All of the same principles of individual talk therapy apply.

We know that some of you may initially be a bit hesitant or uncomfortable with the remote aspect of online therapy. In our experience, you will find it easy to settle in once you know what’s going to happen. We intend to ensure that the therapy approach you choose is the right one for you and your circumstances.

If you do have concerns, your therapist will be happy to answer any questions you may have before we begin.

Reach out today to learn more or to schedule your intake for online therapy.

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