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Episode 61

Playing Sports and Mental Health-with special guest Brock Huard

Aired 02/27/2022
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Maintaining positive mental health at times can be hard. However, there are things that we know for sure can support our mental health. One of those things is playing sports. There is a ton of published research that discusses the positive impact of playing sports on mental health especially for kids and teens. Playing sports can teach valuable life skills like resilience, endurance, and how to work with others. It can also support cognitive development, improving focus and problem-solving skills. Sports can facilitate community: a space where youth and adults can bond with their peers as well as learn from coaches, teachers, and mentors.

While the benefits of playing sports on mental health are well documented no one is excluded from dealing with mental health challenges. In recent years we have heard from athletes competing at the highest and most prestigious levels coming forward to discuss their own mental health challenges. There are concerns about whether the pressure to compete could have a detrimental effect on mental health for some -as well as concerns about risking serious injury.

If you are the parent of an athlete, an athlete yourself, or a sports fan you won’t want to miss this episode! Psychotherapist Laura Richer interviews the perfect guest to weigh in this topic. If you are a Washington sports fan Brock Huard needs no introduction. He is a former NFL Quarterback who has played for the Huskies and The Seahawks. Today you can find him on Fox Sports where he is a football analyst, co-hosting the Brock and Salk show on ESPN radio, as well doing philanthropic work with charitable organization Fill the Stadium. Brock has insight and perspective into this topic from all angles from being a young athlete to playing in the pros and now being the parent of young athletes.

Brock Huard

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