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Episode 41

Believing in Yourself - Embracing Mental Health as a Pro Athlete

Aired 05/03/2021
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On this week’s episode, our guest is former NFL player and draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks Eric Pinkins. As Seattle fans we are thrilled to have a former Seahawk on the show! However, you might be wondering what an ex pro athlete is doing on a radio show about therapy and mental health. We all know that pro-athletes have to be in peak physical condition, but what about mental health?

Eric Pinkins has a lot to say on this topic. On today’s episode Eric shares how the power of positive intention, self-confidence, and refusing to take NO for an answer took him all the way to the NFL. Today he is an advocate for financial literacy, a board member of Urban Advocates and Achievers, and a proponent of the power of caring for your mental health as a path to success.

Eric Pinkins

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