About Laura Richer

About Laura Richer

Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and Coaching in Seattle, WA

Laura Richer Seattle PsychotherapistLaura Richer is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and coach. Located in the Queen Ann neighborhood of Seattle, she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and has been practicing in the state of Washington since 2011.

Laura always knew that helping others was her calling. In high school, she volunteered on projects in Central and South America dedicated to improving public health conditions. Since then, she has volunteered for hospice and always enjoyed the opportunity to be of service.

After several years of working in the corporate world, Laura realized that it did not align with her core values. In 2011, she left it all behind to launch her own coaching and hypnotherapy practice, a move that allowed her to combine her love of entrepreneurship with her sincere desire to help others. In 2015, she returned to school to pursue an MA in clinical mental health counseling, facilitating her work with more diverse populations.

Always inspired by her brave and vulnerable clients, Laura offers a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Using a combination of proven techniques and alternative, evidence-based modalities, her therapeutic method is designed to help people let go of what is holding them back and create a more authentic version of who they are.

Laura’s credentials include an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University, a BA from Western Washington University, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training from Bastyr University in Seattle.

She also holds a Life Coach Certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a Master Life Coach Certification from Seattle Life Coach Training, and a Level Two Certification in the Gottman Method of Couple’s Counseling from the Gottman Institute.

A Few Words From Laura:

My number one core value is freedom, closely followed by authenticity and service. I genuinely love working with clients who feel restricted in their lives, helping them to find new perspectives so that they can start living a life that is better aligned with their own true goals and vision for themselves.

Practically, this is about helping people let go of the need for approval from others as they discover their authentic truth. I focus on helping my clients believe in their own agency and to become an active participant in their personal destiny. My approach is about building genuine confidence, not arrogance. It’s also about supporting people as they learn how to trust themselves, their own instincts/intuition, and perhaps most importantly, having the courage to act on those instincts. Though I facilitate these actions, the individual defines it.

Trusting yourself allows you to identify and adhere to the boundaries you have established for yourself. My goal is to help you release limiting beliefs and identify maladaptive coping behaviors that are rooted in past trauma. As a result, you can learn to be effective in creating what you want in your life and release unconscious patterns of self-sabotage.

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